ART UP (Lille) shows us the paintings made by Eelko van Iersel


Art gallery Ramont shows us the oil paintings made by Eelko van Iersel and the bronze sculptures made by Rieke van der Stoep during ART UP, March  7. – 10. 2013. ART UP (also known as ‘Lille ART fair’) is the most important contemporary art fair in France, outside of Paris, will take place in Lille & Rouen.

With over 20.600 visitors in 2012, Lille Art Fair has become an essential contemporary art event held in the heart of the Paris-Brussels-London triangle. Variety of methods of expression, diversity of galleries and artists and sheer artistic wealth of the event are the main ingredients making Lille Art Fair an essential cultural event. Lille Art Fair attracts visitors looking to buy and keen to make the most of the event made up of collectors, knowledgeable art lovers and newcomers to the world of art are all looking forward to the 6th Lille Art Fair taking place from 7 to 10 March 2013 that promises to be a great experience for all concerned! Artist Eelko van Iersel will be presented by the Belgium Art gallery Ramont. This gallery showed his paintings also Art Gent.